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“From Regional Cooperation to the Zone of Prosperity”

As the most inclusive organization of the Black Sea, BSEC has become an influential, treaty-based, full-fledged regional economic organization possessing a permanent and extensive institutional framework of cooperation.

During its chairmanship, Turkey is determined to make every effort to maintain and advance the recent progress within BSEC and to carry the existing momentum forward to a higher level by initiating new projects and ideas.

Our Targets
  • To strengthen the project-oriented dimension of the BSEC Organization
  • To develop the projects facilitating economic development and cooperation in the BSEC Region
  • To promote fruitful cooperation with international and regional organizations and Institutions
  • To facilitate close cooperation in scientific research and technology
  • To encourage sustainable energy and development of the Black Sea Energy Market
  • To support the sustainable development of the SME Sector